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September 23, 2011 - Field Notes

Noteworthy News from the Division of Fish, Wildlife, and Marine Resources

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Significant Notes

  • Fall Pheasant Release Site Locations Available Online.
    The 2011 Pheasant Release Sites have been posted online. Each year, prior to and during the fall pheasant hunting season, about 30,000 adult pheasants are released on lands open to public hunting across the State. Release sites are designated with a "YH" for the youth pheasant hunting seasons or an "RS" for the regular pheasant hunting seasons.
  • Don't Miss The Latest Monthly Highlights!
    Take a look at the July Monthly Highlights (PDF, 682kb) with details on our fish, wildlife, and marine resources research, outreach activities, achievements, and more. In this issue you will find information on hunting changes, including: bear season expansions, crossbow use regulations, and a possible youth pheasant hunt opportunity on Long Island. Or you can catch up on surveys that monitor the status of popular sportfish, or read about the latest habitat restoration efforts for bog turtles, brook trout, and grassland birds. All of this, and more is available, so don't miss out on this information packed highlight.
  • Marine Commercial Fishery Trip Limit Changes.
    Daily trip limit updates will occur on the following dates for the following species and will remain in effect until further notice:
    • Effective September 25:
      - Summer flounder daily trip limit increased to 350 pounds.
    • Effective September 27:
      - Scup daily trip limit increases to 750 pounds.
      - Bluefish daily trip limit increases to 2,000 pounds.
      - Black Sea Bass daily trip limit increases to 140 pounds.

Noteworthy Dates

  • September 24: Celebrate National Hunting and Fishing Day.
    National Hunting and Fishing day logo
    Don't miss the 40th National Hunting and Fishing Day (NHF Day) (link leaves DEC website) celebration on September 24. The NHF Day recognizes hunters, fisherman, and recreational shooters and their explicit role in conservation, while providing Americans a chance to experience, understand, and appreciate the tradition of outdoor sports. Get the family together for the fun and educational hands-on activities that everyone will enjoy at one of the several events located in New York (link leaves DEC website).
  • October 1: Deer Management Permit Deadline and 2011-2012 Sporting Licenses Required.
    October 1 is the last day that Deer Management Permit (DMP) ("doe permit") applications can be submitted. Additionally, starting October 1, a 2011-2012 sporting license is required for hunting, trapping and freshwater fishing sporting activities. Find out how to apply for a DMP or purchase a sporting license on the DEC website.
Theodore Roosevelt
The 26th President & leader
of American conservationist
efforts, Theodore Roosevelt

Conservation Historical Fact

Did you know, over 100 years ago, hunters and anglers were the earliest and most vocal supporters of conservation and scientific wildlife management? Led by fellow sportsman, President Theodore Roosevelt, these early conservationists called for the first laws restricting the commercial killing of wildlife. Today, 64 million hunters, anglers and recreational shooters contribute $4.7 million per day for conservation. This occurs through purchases of sporting licenses and taxes on hunting and fishing equipment that is allocated for the management of wildlife and wild places that all enjoy.

Upcoming Recreational Sporting Season Reminders

Please keep in mind that you will need a 2010-11 hunting, trapping or freshwater fishing license through September 30, and a 2011-12 license beginning October 1.

--Youth Hunting (Ages 12-15)--

--Big Game (Deer & Bear) Hunting--

  • September 27. Opening Day for Deer and Bear Archery/Bowhunting Season in Northern Zones.
    Please note: crossbows are not allowed during the bowhunting seasons.
  • October 1. Opening Day for Deer Archery/Bowhunting Season on Long Island (Suffolk County).

--Turkey Hunting--

  • October 1. Opening Day for Turkey Hunting Season in Adirondack, Hudson Valley and Capital District Regions.

--Small Game Hunting--

--Furbearer Hunting--

--Waterfowl Hunting--

  • October 1. Opening Day for Ducks, Coots, Mergansers, and Brant in Northeastern Zone.
  • October 1. Opening Day for Snow Geese in Lake Champlain, Northeastern and Southeastern Zones.
  • October 2. Opening Day for Brant in Western Zone.
  • October 8. Opening Day for Ducks, Coots and Mergansers in Southeastern Zone.

--Migratory Game Bird Hunting--

--Saltwater Fishing--

  • September 26. Final Day for Scup (Porgy) Fishing for all anglers except if fishing aboard a for-hire party or charter boat. The scup/porgy season for anglers aboard a party/charter boat will remain open through October 11. Please note: on September 27, the recreational scup fishing season was extended. It now remains open through December 25, 2011 for all anglers.
  • September 30. Final Day for Summer Flounder Fishing.
  • October 1. Opening day for Tautog/Blackfish Fishing.
  • October 1. Final Day of first split season for Black Sea Bass Fishing. The season will re-open on November 1.

--Freshwater Fishing--

collage of conservation stamps for 2011

Wildlife, Habitat, Recreation, and Stamps...

Did you know, whether you are a photographer, hunter, angler, birder, or wildlife observer, you can help contribute towards the conservation of our natural resources and outdoor recreation each year just by purchasing a stamp? When you buy a NYS Habitat/Access Stamp, a Federal Duck Stamp (link leaves DEC website), or an International Save Vanishing Species Stamp (link leaves DEC website) you help fund wildlife conservation efforts in New York State and across the world!

Other News in the Press

Below are additional links to noteworthy DEC press releases:

  • DEC Announces Official Opening of Downtown Plattsburgh Boat Launch
  • DEC Issues Updated Notice on Trail and Campground Conditions & Closures

Did You Know...?

pitcher plant leaf
The pitcher plants tube-shaped
leaf holds water to drown
unsuspecting prey.

Insects are a primary food source for several plants like the sundew, pitcher plant, and Venus fly trap. Growing primarily in bogs and fens with poor soil nutrients, these plants have adapted special features that help them ensnare and digest insects for a meal.

Watch our short DEC-TV episode on Carnivorous Plants to learn more!

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