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May 06, 2011 - Field Notes

Noteworthy News from the Division of Fish, WIldlife and Marine Resources

Significant Notes

  • 2011 Summer Flounder (Fluke) Recreational Fishing Season.
    The 2011 recreational fishing season for summer flounder (fluke) opened on May 1, 2011 with a three fish daily possession limit and a 20.5 inch minimum size limit. The season will remain open through September 30, 2011. For more information about this recent regulation change, view the DEC Press Release.
marine registry icon button

Recreational Marine Fishing Registry.
Anglers fishing in saltwater and tidal waters of New York must enroll in the new free recreational marine fishing registry. Visit DEC's Marine Registry webpage for detailed information.

  • Check out the 2011 Warmwater Fishing Forecast!
    Starting May 7, 2011 the recreational freshwater fishing season starts for many popular warmwater sportfish, including: walleye, northern pike, pickerel and tiger muskellunge. Fisheries biologists have prepared a complete listing of 2011 warmwater fishing hotspots across the State, which can found on DEC's 2011 Warmwater Fishing Forecast webpage. For more information to help prepare for the warmwater fishing season, read through the DEC Press Release.
  • 2011 Youth Turkey Hunt Report.
    youth hunter displays her first turkey
    Brayden Skobjak, age 12, in
    Niagara County with his first turkey!
    Click on the photo to view a larger image.
    ~Photo credit: Bob Antkowiak~
    Despite a rainy weekend for the annual youth wild turkey hunt, many junior hunters took to the field. The reported harvest from the 2011 youth hunt was 398 birds. This is a decline of almost 40 percent from last spring's youth hunt. The decline is likely due to several factors, including: poor weather in many regions, the Easter holiday, and less birds on the landscape due to poor production the past couple of years. Despite these factors, junior hunters and their adult mentors still met with success in 54 of the 56 New York counties open to the youth hunt. For the first time ever, youth turkey hunting was allowed in Suffolk County, Long Island, and junior hunters there reported taking 16 birds - second to Ulster County in reported harvest.
    Do you have a photo from the spring turkey hunting season to share? If so, we'd love to post it in our Turkey Hunting Photo Gallery online! If interested, please follow the guidelines for contributing a photograph.
  • Newly Released 2009-2010 Fisheries Annual Report.
    View a copy of the 2009-2010 Bureau of Fisheries Annual Report (pdf, 3.3MB). In the report, find a compilation of highlights and accomplishments of activities and efforts carried out for the 2009-2010 fiscal year by Bureau of Fisheries staff -- located in nine regional offices, two research stations, 12 fish hatcheries, one fish disease laboratory, as well as DEC's Central Office in Albany. The report provides summaries of fish culture and egg take outcomes, coldwater and warmwater fish research surveys, angler catch and effort reports, new public access site developments, habitat protection efforts, and much more!
  • Be Aware of Spawning Lake Sturgeon While Fishing.
    lake sturgeon
    ~Photo courtesy of US Environmental
    Protection Agency - Wayne Davis~
    While fishing this season, please be aware of spawning sturgeon gathering in streams and tributaries of the Great Lakes, Finger Lakes and Oneida Lake. Lake sturgeons are threatened species in New York State, and intentionally targeting and possessing one is illegal. If by accident one is hooked, anglers should follow the below guidelines to properly release a sturgeon to avoid harming the fish:
    • Avoid bringing the fish into the boat if possible.
    • Use pliers to remove the hook; sturgeon almost always get hooked in the mouth.
    • Always support the fish horizontally. Do not hold sturgeon in a vertical position by their head, gills, or tails, even for taking pictures.
    • Never touch their eyes or gills.
    • Minimize their time out of the water.
      More information can be found in the DEC Press Release
  • Commercial Fishery Trip Limit Changes.
    The following changes to commercial fishery trip limits took effect on May 1, 2011:
    • The daily limit for scup is set at 210 pounds.
    • The daily limit for bluefish is set at 1,000 pounds.
    • The daily limit for spiny dogfish is set at 3,000 pounds.
      Visit the Commercial Fishing Limits webpage for more details.

Awards & Acknowledgements

  • Patricia Arnold honored by New York's Fish, Wildlife and Marine Resources Division Director.
    award handed to Patricia Arnold
    Division of Fish, Wildlife and Marine
    Resources Director, Patricia Riexinger (left)
    handing the award to Patricia Arnold (right).
    At the spring meeting of the New York State Trappers Association held in Delmar, Patricia Arnold from Jefferson County was honored by New York's Fish, Wildlife and Marine Resources Division Director, Patricia Riexinger. Pat Arnold was honored for her leadership in establishing the first-ever Youth Trapping Camp for junior trappers held last October in Allegany County. During this three day camp, 25 young trappers learned about the basics of trapping, studied best management practices for state-of-the-art trapping, and conducted field work to learn how to catch desired furbearing animals with a focus on ethics and responsibility. Pat Arnold had the vision for this Trapping Camp, and worked tirelessly to organize and coordinate its successful implementation. She assembled some of the very best trappers in the State of New York to serve as instructors. DEC biologists and law enforcement personnel taught about laws, regulations, and the biological basis for furbearer management. While researchers from both Cornell University and SUNY-College of Environmental Science and Forestry explained the importance of scientific research used to strengthen furbearer management programs. Pat Arnold was thanked for her hard work and tangible action toward cultivating a new generation of nature enthusiasts and conservation leaders. Thank you and congratulations Pat Arnold!

Upcoming Recreational Sporting Season Reminders

game harvest logo
Remember to report your
turkey harvest
within seven
days of taking.

A complete list of sporting season dates can be found by following the appropriate links:

Fishing (Freshwater)

-- May 15, 2011 --

  • Bowfishing for Carp Opens. From May 15 through September 30, any person who has a fishing license or a small game hunting license, or is entitled to fish without a license may take carp of any size and in any number by longbow (recurve or compound) from any water of the state where fishing and the discharge of a bow is permitted. Taking fish by bow is otherwise prohibited. For more information, visit DEC's Carp Fishing in New York webpage.

Did You Know...?

falcon diving
~Photo courtesy of Jeff Gilka~

While flying in midair, a peregrine falcon can dive up to 200 miles an hour to capture its prey. With outstretched talons (claws) the falcon will pick off other birds like starlings, pigeons, and doves, which are among their favorite meals.

Read an article titled "Fight or Flight" published in a previous issue of the Conservationist magazine. In it you'll find amazing photos of a falcon and owl in an aerial battle.

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