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Environmental Engineer

Job Description:

Environmental Engineers are assigned to either the Albany central office or to a regional office of the Department of Environmental Conservation in a major segment of an environmental quality program involving wastewater disposal; solid waste disposal; water pollution control; air pollution control; pollution prevention; hazardous waste remediation; hazardous substances regulation; or spill prevention, response and remediation. You would work with representatives of all levels of government, as well as citizen groups and other professionals. Additional duties might involve instructional activities with employees of municipal operating agencies and developing systems for training plant personnel. The Department of Environmental Conservation has over 800 positions in Environmental Engineering.

Job Qualifications:

Environmental Engineer

1: A bachelor's or higher level degree in environmental engineering, civil engineering, chemical engineering, geotechnical engineering, geological engineering or sanitary engineering.


2: A bachelor's or higher-level degree in engineering supplemented by or including a minimum of one course in FOUR of the following categories totaling at least 12 semester credit hours: water and wastewater engineering, stream and estuarine analysis, limnology, solid waste engineering, groundwater and waste water hydrology, industrial waste treatment, physical chemical waste treatment, hazardous waste management, environmental lab, environmental engineering design, air pollution control, groundwater hydrology, hydraulic engineering, or water supply engineering;


3:. a minimum of one course in Two of the following categories totaling at least 6 semester credit hours: organic chemistry, soil mechanics, geology, environmental impact analysis, environmental law, radiological engineering, safety in engineering practice, public health/sanitation, toxicology, environmental planning and land use, or fluid mechanics.

Important: If you are within six months of receiving an acceptable degree, your application can be approved. If your application is approved pending receipt of an acceptable degree, and your name is placed on the eligible list, and you are offered employment, you must submit proof of graduation to the appointing authority before reporting to work.

A program has been established in the Department of Environmental Conservation which permits the advancement of Environmental Engineers, who have one year of satisfactory service and have passed Part A of the professional engineer's licensing examination, to advance without further testing to Environmental Engineer 1.

Environmental Engineer 1

1: Possession of a bachelor's or higher-level degree in engineering granted in an engineering curriculum which is accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology as a first or second professional degree in engineering or a degree registered by the NYS Education Department for professional licensing in engineering;


2: A certificate resulting from successfully passing Part A of the professional engineer's licensing examination;


3: One year of full-time experience in professional environmental engineering.

Environmental Engineer 2

1. Possession of a New York State professional engineer's license and current registration;


2: Possession of a professional engineer's license and current registration from a State or territory of the United States by means of a 16-hour written licensing examination which is the equivalent of that given in New York State. Candidates appointed under this option must secure a New York State professional engineer's license and registration prior to appointment;


3: Two years of full-time experience in professional environmental engineering.


For current salary information go to: Careers in Environmental Conservation

Employees progress from the hiring rate to the job rate in annual increments during the first seven years of satisfactory service.

Work Location:

These positions exist in the Albany central office and at regional offices throughout the State.

Promotional Opportunities:

Environmental Engineer 3 and 4 level positions are available through competitive examination and satisfactory experience.

Application Procedures:

Positions of Environmental Engineer, Environmental Engineer 1 and Environmental Engineer 2 are filled through the use of eligible lists resulting from an evaluation of the candidate's education and experience.

Examination announcements and applications may be obtained from the Department of Civil Service using the offsite link to "Civil Service Exam Announcements" on the right side of this page. The completed application should be returned to: NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, Bureau of Personnel Services, 625 Broadway, Albany, New York 12233-5060. The following are direct links to the examination announcements for: Environmental Engineer and Environmental Engineer 1 or 2. If you meet the Minimum Qualifications, your education and experience will be evaluated against the general background/critical activities of these titles. You MUST submit a copy of your college transcipt(s) in order for your application to be accepted.

For information and answers to questions, contact the Department of Environmental Conservation by telephone at (518) 402-9273, or by using the "email us" link on the right side of this page.

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Is An Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action Employer