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Environmental Engineering Technician 1

Job Description:

Environmental Engineering Technicians 1 assist in field and office environmental quality work. They participate in surveys, sampling and analysis of surface and ground waters; assist higher ranking technicians in the installation and operation of electronic equipment used to monitor air and water contaminants; assist in tabulating data, and in preparing charts, graphs, and sketches depicting information obtained; assist engineers in the review of technical documents for completeness and conformance to requirements; prepare routine correspondence and reports; maintain computer program files; produce routine reports; assist in the clean up of hazardous spills; and assist in the inspection of regulated facilities.

Environmental Engineering Technicians 1 are assigned to various divisions throughout the Department of Environmental Conservation, such as Air Resources, Water, Environmental Remediation, and Solid & Hazardous Materials. They are assigned to various locations throughout the State.

Job Qualifications:

In order to qualify for the entry level Environmental Engineering Technician 1 position, candidates must have:

(1) five years of experience performing engineering technician work in aeronautical, chemical, civil, electrical, environmental, mechanical or sanitary engineering technology; or as a surveyor or drafter;


(2) graduation from high school (or possession of a high school equivalency diploma issued by a recognized educational authority or a USAFI GED diploma - high school level) AND one year of the experience described in option 1 above;


(3) graduation from a high school technical education program which is recognized by the New York State Education Department as meeting acceptable program practices and standards in one of the following areas:

(a) Technical Aeronautics, (b) Technical Architectural Drafting & Building Construction, (c) Technical Chemistry, (d) Industrial Chemistry, (e) Technical Electricity/Electronics, (f) Technical Mechanical Design & Construction, (g) Technical Structural Drafting & Design, (h) Technical Instrumentation & Control Systems, (i)Computer Circuitry;


(4) 18 college semester credit hours in any combination of the following courses: engineering, such as civil, chemical, electrical, mechanical, aeronautical and/or sanitary; environmental and/or engineering technology; drafting; mathematics; and/or the sciences.


For current salary information go to: Careers in Environmental Conservation.

Work Location:

These positions exist at numerous locations throughout the State Department of Environmental Conservation.

Promotional Opportunities:

The Environmental Engineering Technician 1 is the entry level job title in the Environmental Engineering Technician series. Promotional opportunities are available through competitive examination and satisfactory service.

Application Procedures:

The position of Environmental Engineering Technician 1 is filled through the use of eligible lists resulting from a written examination administered by the Department of Civil Service. For additional information on Civil Service Examinations, see the links leaving DEC's website to "Civil Service Exam Announcements," "Civil Service Exam Notification," and "Civil Service FAQ's" on the right side of this page.

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Is An Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action Employer