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Forester 1

Job Description:

Starting as a Forester Trainee, you would perform beginning level professional forestry work under the supervision of higher level staff while participating in a two-year intensive on-the-job training program. Upon successful completion of the traineeship, Forester Trainees are advanced to the full performance level, Forester 1, without further examination.

As a Forester 1 you would perform professional forestry work in such areas as the management, development and protection of forest stands; reforestation; and the public use of forest lands. You might coordinate pesticide use on State land and might provide technical advice to private owners concerning forest management and the Forest Tax Law. You would review proposed projects such as industrial plants, housing developments and power plants to determine impact on forest lands. You would provide information to the general public on forest land management and to both the general public and forest industries on the utilization and marketing of forest products. You might assist in the administration of New York State Forest Preserve lands, State reforestation, and multiple use lands and game management areas; might develop and coordinate an integrated forest resources management plan; might assist in the development of forest recreation and tree inspection programs; and might conduct forest inventories, investigation and research.

Job Qualifications:

Forester Trainee 1 requires a bachelor's or higher degree from an SAF Accredited Program in Ecosystem Management, Forestry, Natural Resource Conservation, Natural Resource Management, Natural Resources, or Urban Forestry.


For current salary information go to: Careers in Environmental Conservation.

Work Location:

Foresters serve throughout the State under the direction of a Regional Forester.

Promotional Opportunities:

Forester Trainee 1 is the entry level professional job title in the Forestry series. Promotional opportunities are available via competitive examination and satisfactory service.

Application Procedures:

The position of Forester Trainee 1 is filled through the use of eligible lists resulting from a written examination administered by the Department of Civil Service. Information on future examination dates for these job titles may be obtained by writing to the New York State Department of Civil Service, State Campus, Building No. 1, Albany, New York 12239 or via the Internet by using the offsite link to "Civil Service Exam Announcements" on the right side of this page.

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Is An Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action Employer