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DECALS to E-Licensing

CFAB Correspondence

The following is a web version of the correspondence letter; a PDF version (80 kb) is also available to view.

September 24, 2010

Governor David A. Paterson
State Capitol
Albany, NY 12224

RE: NYSDEC DECALS and the Statewide E-Licensing Program

Dear Mr. Paterson:

Below is the text (italics) of an email that was sent to Ms. Knapp with the NYS Division of Budget and Alan Lebowitz with the Office of Taxpayer Accountability on September 15, 2010. To date, I have not received any responses in regards to this matter. It is crucial that this issue be addressed as soon as possible.

Ms. Knapp and Mr. Lebowitz,

As part of our monthly Conservation Fund Advisory Board (CFAB) meetings the board gets updates from NYSDEC staff on DECALS and the process to secure a new contract for the sporting license system. It was brought to our attention on Monday that there was interest expressed by the Office of Taxpayer Accountability and the Division of Budget to attempt to incorporate DECALS into the multi-agency E-licensing program. CFAB has statutory authority to review expenditures out of the Conservation Fund. DECALS is paid for entirely out of the Conservation Fund by sportsman license dollars. CFAB had several questions that could not be answered by DEC staff so I was told to inquire to the OTA and DOB directly. The main question raised by the board was: "what evaluation has been performed by DOB and OTA to ensure that incorporating DECALS into E-licensing will provide, at a minimum, the level of service and functionality that currently exists with DECALS?" Furthermore, can the 1.5 million license holders in New York State be assured that incorporating DECALS into E-licensing will not place additional fiscal burden on the Conservation Fund compared to a system that solely delivers the sporting license issuance and associated functions services. Additionally, the Conservation Fund Advisory Board would like the following questions answered at your earliest convenience.

  • Can CFAB be guaranteed that all the current features of DECALS will be included in the new E-Licensing Program?
  • Can CFAB be guaranteed the costs of the E-Licensing Program will not exceed the costs of DECALS only system?
  • How will game reporting be incorporated?
  • How will tags be issued?
  • Will data from E-Licensing be able to interact with the Interstate Violator Compact?
  • Will E-Licensing be in compliance with the NYS Memorandum of Agreement with the National Marine Fisheries Service in regards to the Angler Registry Program?
  • Our current contract ends with Verizon in May of 2012, when will E-Licensing be ready to operate?

The Conservation Fund Advisory Board is statutorily mandated to provide oversight of license revenue expenditures on behalf of more than 1.5 million New York license holders. We are concerned that incorporating DECALS into the E-licensing system increases the risk of additional costs to deliver a complete sporting license-issuing system.

We look forward to your responses to the identified questions and any other information that alleviate the concerns raised by the board. Thank you

Any assistance that can be provided to alleviate the concerns of the Conservation Fund Advisory Board would be greatly appreciated.

Jason Kemper
Chairman, Conservation Fund Advisory Board

Commissioner Pete Grannis, NYSDEC
Doug Stang, NYSDEC
Assembly Encon Committee
Senate Encon Committee

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