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CFAB Correspondences

Below are links to correspondence letters written by the Conservation Fund Advisory Board (CFAB) regarding various sportsmen issues and funding matters associated with the State's fish and wildlife programs.

March 2014

November 2013

  • New York State Hatchery Infrastructure - letter from CFAB to Governor Andrew M. Cuomo regarding bringing New York's fish hatcheries back to the level necessary for maintaining viable stocking programs in an effort to keep "New York Open for Fishing and Hunting."

August 2013

  • Lifetime License Fund - letter from John Stouffer (Office of Budget and Policy) to Jason Kemper (CFAB Chairman) thanking him for the letter regarding the investment of the Lifetime License Fund.
  • Petition to Restore New York Caledonia Fish Hatchery (PDF) (2 MB) - letter from John R. Balla to CFAB to draw attention to the deplorable conditions of the New York Caledonia Fish Hatchery with hundreds of signatures to petition to local representatives and receive support.

July 2013

June 2013

  • Support for Senate Bill to Implement Crossbow Regulations - memo of support from CFAB that strongly supports the passing of the Senate Bill 1699B. This bill would allow DEC to set regulations on crossbow use during hunting seasons and require DEC to adopt hunter education training in the safe use of crossbows.
  • Funding Academy Recruits from Conservation Fund - letter from DEC Commissioner Joe Martens responding to CFAB's correspondence sent in May concerning funding academy recruits (Environmental Conservation Officers) with Conservation Funds.
  • Conservation Fund - letter from NYS DEC's Commssioner Martens to CFAB concerning conservation fund and the DEC's resources to implement it's mission.

May 2013

  • Lifetime License Fund Strategy - letter sent to Office of the Comptroller, Mr. John Stouffer, thanking him for support and meeting with members of the Conservation Fund Advisory Board regarding the investment strategies for the Lifetime License Fund.
  • Environmental Conservation Officers Receiving Conservation Funds - letter sent to DEC Commissioner Joe Martens questioning the shift of approximately 20 Environmental Conservation Officers to the Conservation Fund, with no notification given to the Conservation Fund Advisory Board.

April 2013

  • 2013-14 Adopted Budget Sporting License Restructuring (re:Trapping Licenses) - letter sent to Assistant Secretary to the Environment, Mr. Basil Seggos, thanking him and the administration for efforts in ensuring trapping privileges remain as a stand alone license in the Governor's 2013-14 Adopted Budget for the sporting license restructuring.

March 2013

February 2013

  • Joint Legislative Public Hearing on 2013-2014 Budget - testimony submitted by CFAB expressing concern of how Conservation Fund revenue, which comes from sporting license sales, is not being used solely to support programs for the care, management, protection and enlargement of fish, game and shellfish resources of the state, or for the promotion of public fishing and shooting. This is inconsistent with the legal purpose of the Conservation Fund.

January 2013

  • Federal Aid Eligibility - letter sent to DEC Commissioner concerning taking immediate action to ensure New York remains eligible for federal sportfish and wildlife funds, and that assets of the Conservation Fund remain protected for the future of New York State fish and wildlife programs.
  • Proposed License Fee Structure - letter sent to DEC's Commissioner regarding concerns with proposed changes to CFAB's previous recommendations on the structure of sporting license fees and use of funds.

May 2012

February 2012

  • Final Testimony Letter - letter expressing concerns and impacts of the Governor's 2012-13 proposed budget plan on the staffing levels and programs of DEC's Division of Fish, Wildlife and Marine Resources.

January 2012

  • Impacts to the NYS Conservation Fund - letter sent to Thomas Congdon, Assistant Secretary for Energy and Environment regarding the proposed use of Conservation Funds in the Governor's 2012-13 budget plan.

August 2011

  • Antler Restriction Legislation - letter sent to Governor Cuomo expressing opposition to bills that will impose "antler restrictions" in select Wildlife Management Units (WMUs). This action sets a bad precedent to sound management and sound government as it by-passes the open regulatory process, leaving out State wildlife biologist expertise and public interest comments in making such decisions.

March 2011

February 2011

  • Moose River Plains Unit Management Plan Analysis (PDF) (265 kb) - letter sent to the New York State Conservation Council (NYSCC) regarding false accusations and incorrect information sent by NYSCC to the sporting community pertaining to the final approval of land use within the Moose River Plains Unit Management Plan (UMP).

November 2010

  • Final Testimony Letter (PDF) (432 kb) - letter sent to New York State Legislature concerning the impacts on the Division of Fish, Wildlife and Marine Resources programs after the 2010-11 State budget cutbacks and loss of staff from the retirement incentive and recent layoffs.

September 2010

  • DEC Hatchery Staff - letter sent to the New York State Division of Budget regarding the releasing of funds to fill vacant DEC hatchery positions after the loss of staff from the state's early retirement incentive.
  • DECALS to E-licensing - letter sent to Governor Paterson regarding concerns with moving online sporting license sales from the current DECALS system over to a new multi-agency E-licensing system. Also, review Assemblyman Sweeney's letter regarding this matter, and review Governor Paterson's response letter.
  • Endangered and Threatened Species Proposed Rulemaking - letter regarding the NYCRR Part 182 - Endangered and Threatened Species; Fish and Wildlife Species of Concern proposed amended regulations and its impact on the efficiency of DEC's already reduced fish and wildlife programs.
  • Moose River Plains Follow-Up - letter to the Division of Lands and Forests to propose a compromise for keeping Indian Lake Road open for sportsmen/women's continued use of this area for sporting recreation.

August 2010

  • Moose River Plains Unit Management Plan (PDF) (1.4 mb) - letter sent to New York State DEC's Commissioner Grannis concerning the proposed closures of roadways in the Moose River Plains Wild Forest and how it will hinder sportsmen/women's access to the area for hunting, fishing and trapping.

April 2010

  • Recreational Marine Fishing License Repeal - memorandum of opposition to the bills introduced in the New York State Senate and Assembly that intend to repeal the recreational marine fishing license, which would take away necessary funding to support New York's marine resources and protect marine anglers from paying high fees to the federal registry. A similar letter was sent to Senator Perkins of the Environmental Conservation Committee in February 2010.

March 2010

  • Veteran's Hunting Requirements (PDF) (99 kb) - letter sent to Senator Little of the Environmental Conservation Committee concerning the proposed legislation to exempt active duty military personnel from taking the required hunting safety course prior to receiving a hunting license.
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