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July 2, 2010 - Field Notes

Input Needed

Seeking Public Input on Baitfish Transportation Overland. The DEC is considering changing existing fish health regulations relating to the transportation of baitfish, which was originally implemented to help stop the spread of Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia (VHS). A series of public meetings will be held to obtain input before the DEC considers any regulatory changes. Visit the DEC website for background information, the regulations of concern and instructions on submitting comments.

Significant Notes

Lake George Coldwater Angler Diary Cooperator Summary. The Lake George Coldwater Angler Diary Cooperator Summary is now available online. This DEC Region 5 Fisheries report summarizes the activities of 23 angler diary cooperators that targeted lake trout and landlocked salmon in Lake George during 2009.

rare wild pink plant
Wild pink plant
(Silene caroliniana, pensylvanica)
~Photo courtesy of Steve Young,
NY Natural Heritage

2010 Rare Plant Status List Available. Provided by the Division's Natural Heritage Program, this rare plant list helps track plants that have fewer than 30 occurrences in New York State and are considered highly vulnerable to extinction. The list provides the common and scientific rare plant name, the counties of occurrence, their federal and state status ranking and their life cycle based on seasonal changes (phenology). To review the list and learn more about rare plants in New York, visit the Rare Plant Information web page and click on the 2010 New York Rare Plant List PDF document.

City of Plattsburgh Boat Launch Construction Begins. Construction of a new three lane boat ramp on Lake Champlain will begin next week with an anticipated completion date of early fall. This cooperative project involving DEC and the City of Plattsburgh will provide much improved access to the north-central section of Lake Champlain.

Raquette River (Crusher) Boat Launch Reopens. Rehabilitation of the "Crusher" Boat Launch off Route 3/30 in Franklin County has been completed and the site is now open for boating use. Improvements include the installation of a new concrete ramp, canoe/kayak launch & retrieval area, invasive species disposal station, information kiosk and a wheelchair accessible route to the ramp area. Users will also note that the failing bulkhead at the site has been removed, and a new "natural" shoreline composed of native stone, trees and shrubs has been established. For a listing of additional New York State boat launching sites near you, visit the Boat Launch Sites webpage.

Bands for Birds

geese in a holding pen waiting to receive identification bands
DEC staff in Region 7 corral geese into
a holding pen where they can
easily band them.
~Photo courtesy of NYSDEC

Gathering Canada Geese for Banding. Between mid June and mid July, Canada geese undergo a period of molting; a process when geese shed and regrow their primary flight feathers rendering them flightless for about six weeks. At this time, DEC staff are able to corral the birds into a holding pen where they can be banded with a numbered metal leg band. Banding geese helps biologists document seasonal movements and hunter harvest of resident geese that nest in New York. From this information, wildlife managers can determine whether to extend or restrict harvest to help control the size of local populations. As of this week, Division (DFWMR) staff have captured and banded about half of the more than 3,000 Canada geese that are typically banded each summer at various locations throughout the state.

Did You Know...?

a photo of an American bald eagle
An American Bald Eagle
~Photo courtesy of Randolph

The American Bald Eagle competed against the Wild Turkey to become the national emblem for the United States? Benjamin Franklin argued for the Wild Turkey as a respectable bird. However, George Washington chose the American Bald Eagle as our official national emblem symbolizing the strength and freedom of America.

Read more about the American Bald Eagle and the restoration efforts conducted by NYSDEC!

waving american flag

This holiday weekend, keep your eyes in the sky for this symbolic bird
and enjoy our National Day of Freedom!

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