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The Division of Mineral Resources is responsible for ensuring the environmentally sound, economic development of New York's non-renewable energy and mineral resources for the benefit of current and future generations. To carry out this mission, we regulate the extraction of oil and gas, and require the reclamation of land after mining.

More than 75,000 wells have been drilled in New York for oil, gas and solution salt extraction, geothermal, brine disposal and underground gas storage. Computerized records exist on roughly 40,000 wells, of which about 14,000 are active. The division also has files on roughly 4,800 mines permitted since 1975, of which approximately 2,000 are active.

Many agencies, organizations, groups and individuals are interested in various aspects of the Division's programs. Geographic and geologic data the division collects to track permits and production are of value to minerals explorers and developers, other regulatory agencies, students, teachers and researchers. The division receives many routine information requests, as well as special requests from the public and media prompted by interest in specific projects or incidents.

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The Division of Mineral Resources strives to work cooperatively with all customers and stakeholders to achieve our mission. Please use the email links below to contact any of our offices whenever you have questions about our programs or suggestions on how we can better serve you.

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If you wish to speak with staff from the Division of Mineral Resources regarding a specific matter, please visit the Division of Mineral Resources Statewide Contacts page for a list of contacts and their phone numbers.

By mail or phone:

Division of Mineral Resources
625 Broadway, 3rd Floor
Albany, NY 12233-6500
FAX: (518) 402-9032

Bureau of Oil & Gas Permitting and Management
Phone: (518) 402-8056

Bureau of Resource Development and Reclamation
Phone: (518) 402-8056

Catherine A. Dickert, Director

Peter S. Briggs, Assistant Director

(518) 402-8076

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