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In 1880, the first conservation officers in New York State "hit the woods." The primary focus of these officers was game protection. One must remember what the status of statewide law enforcement was in New York State at the time: there was none! In fact, there would not be a Division of State Police in New York for another 27 years! Very often the only "law" encountered in the most rural areas of New York was the game protector. Nearly 130 years later, what is the present status of environmental law enforcement in New York State?

Many of the old traditions from the last century are still with us: the uniforms are still green; the fervor to protect the environment is still as strong; and, there are still places in New York State where we are the only law enforcement officers that anyone is likely to encounter.

Today, the Division of Law Enforcement is found in the Office of Public Protection. Its mission is "To protect the environment, natural resources and people of the State of New York through law enforcement, education and public outreach." The officers stand ready to continue our role as the environmental enforcement arm of the State of New York.

To contact an Environmental Conservation Officer in your area, contact the DEC Dispatch Center at 1-844-DEC-ECOS (1-844-332-3267), or select the regional roster below.

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