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Environmental Educator 2

Applications accepted from current State employees and former permanent competitive class employees eligible for reinstatement. You must meet the minimum qualification.

Environmental Educator 2
Category of
Posting Specific Information
Control Number 15-00192
Application Due By 7/10/15
Title Environmental Educator 2
Location: City DEC Region Division/Bureau Delmar
Central Office
Operations/Environmental Education
$51,268 - $65,190 Effective 4/10
Work Hours Days
Work Days Mon. - Fri.
Employment Type Permanent Budgeted Item
Appointment Type Permanent
Jurisdictional Class Competitive
Bargaining Unit/MC PS&T 05 (PEF)

The Five Rivers Environmental Educator 2 duties will focus on five main areas: 1) writing, editing and coordinating all the exhibit text for the new building, 2) training and supporting educators, 3) providing statewide coordination for Projects WILD and WET, 4) administering education and outreach programs, especially in urban and Environmental Justice areas, and 5) collaborating with partner organizations. Periodic weekend and evening work is required. Sample duties are listed below.

New Building Exhibits
• Coordinating exhibits for the new Visitor Center as liaison with the design firm and DEC staff
• Reaching, writing and editing exhibit text; selecting photographs and graphics
• Coordinating technology-based exhibits and outreach

Educator Trainings and Support
• Training and supporting educators in environmental literacy and using the outdoors as .a classroom
• Planning and offering seasonal teacher institutes and workshops at conferences and trainings

Statewide Coordination of Projects WILD and WET
• Oversee training and mentoring of Project WILD and WET facilitators
• Compiling all data and records required by the Projects' national offices
• Coordinating distribution of curriculum guides and support materials to facilitators
• Maintaining inventories and ordering guides and materials as needed

Administering Education and Outreach Programs
• Overseeing a diversity outreach program for under-served areas in the Capital District.
• Conducting public programs during the week and on weekends
• Maintaining, monitoring and evaluating interpretive materials and social media

Collaboration with Partners
• Training, mentoring and evaluating Friends of Five Rivers Guided School Program docents
• Developing, managing and evaluating volunteers, citizen science and service projects

Minimum Qualifications

Strictly adhered to based on
Civil Service requirements

Reassignment - Currently in the title and an employee of DEC

Reinstatement Eligible - Previously held the title on a permanent competitive basis or held a title as indicated under the transfer eligible section on a permanent competitive basis.

Transfer Eligible - One year of permanent competitive service at Salary Grade 16 or higher and:
Eligible for transfer under Section 70.4: Must meet the open competitive minimum qualifications below;

Open competitive minimum qualifications (provided for 70.4 transfer eligibles):
six years of experience in environmental conservation in a professional/technical capacity or professional teaching of environmental education;* OR

four years of the experience described above AND 60 college semester credit hours, including at least 24 college semester credit hours in agronomy, biology (for the purposes of these examinations, courses that focus on the study of domesticated or farm animals or humans are not qualifying), earth science, ecology, environmental education, environmental science, field natural history, forestry, geology, marine science, natural resources interpretation, or soil science. You MUST submit a list of qualifying courses with your application, including course title, number of semester credits per course, name of college or university, and the date (or expected date) of completion. Applications submitted without a list of courses or transcript will be disapproved; OR

a bachelor's degree in the biological sciences, environmental education, environmental science, forestry, or natural resources interpretation and two years of experience described above.
Definitions: *"Environmental education" is defined as teaching about or interpreting the natural world, the principles of ecology, natural resources management, and environmental quality management. It deals with the interrelationships of plants, animals, and the non-living environment and emphasizes human interactions with these components.
Examples of Acceptable Qualifying Experience: Experience as a naturalist at a nature setting; an instructor in an environmental education program; or as a designer of environmental education programs for youth organizations such as scouting groups, 4-H clubs, YMCA, etc.

Examples of Non-Qualifying Experience: Experience as a teacher of high school courses such as chemistry, physics, and biology; as a youth leader who carries out pre-established programs; or as a leader of outings for a conservation organization, etc.

If there is a viable promotion examination eligible list for this position, candidates who qualify based on 70.4 transfer cannot be considered.

If you are on an examination eligible list for the position title, you do not need to respond to this posting UNLESS you are also eligible for appointment by transfer, reinstatement or reassignment as defined above; or the appointment type is provisional or temporary. The eligible list(s) will be canvassed as appropriate. Always respond to an eligible list canvass.

Additional Comments Must have a valid driver's license or demonstrate the ability to meet the transportation needs of the position. Travel and overtime may be required. Weekends and holidays may be required.
To Apply Qualified candidates should forward a resume and/or Employment Application which clearly indicates how the minimum qualifications are met and includes the Control Number. If you are applying for more than one posting, you must submit a separate resume or Employment Application for each control number. Send to:
Department of Environmental Conservation
625 Broadway
Albany, New York 12233-5060
Fax: (518) 402-9038

E-Mail: personnel@dec.ny.gov

Additional Notes:

If you are a permanent NYS employee not employed by the Department of Environmental Conservation or applying for reinstatement, please provide your social security number so that appointment eligibility may be verified.

State Employees: If you wish to receive an acknowledgement that your application for this posting was received by the Bureau of Personnel and then receive information on the disposition of the position, please attach two self-addressed stamped envelopes (preferably inter-office or inter-agency) to the application. If you are applying for more than one position, you must include two envelopes for each position.

Some vacancies may be anticipated and may not result in an appointment. Application for any position listed may not result in an interview.