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Research Scientist 1

Applications are being accepted from current state employees, those eligible for reinstatement based on prior permanent competitive service, and candidates on an eligible list for the position. Candidates on the eligible list for the position MUST include the list title and score received in a cover letter.

Research Scientist 1
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Control Number 18-420
Application Due By 08/17/2018
Title Research Scientist 1 - Water Pollution
Location: City
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Central Office
$56,604 - $71,980 Effective 04/2018
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Work Days Mon. - Fri.
Employment Type Permanent Budgeted Item
Appointment Type Permanent
Jurisdictional Class Non-Competitive
Bargaining Unit/MC PS&T 05 (PEF)
Duties/Responsibilities The Mohawk River Basin Program (MRBP) is a major part of NYSDEC Division of Water's method of implementing its responsibilities to environmental sustainability, water quality improvement, and flood hazard risk reduction in the Mohawk River watershed. The program has grown significantly since its inception in 2009 to include hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants annually, major water quality improvement projects such as enhanced monitoring efforts, TMDLs, and watershed plans along with implementation of flood mitigation projects following Hurricane Irene and Superstorm Sandy. However, there remains complex relationships that are not fully understood between legacy and emerging pollutants, landuse management, water level/canal navigation management, and their impacts on water quality in the Mohawk River watershed. Therefore, the MRBP seeks candidates to fill a coordinator for applied Mohawk River focused water quality research programs, Research Scientist 1 in the Division of Water, Stream Monitoring and Assessment Section. Specific duties include:
  • (45% of time) Assist in the coordination, development, and implementation of applied water quality research in the Mohawk River watershed. Investigate the relationships between water quality monitoring and assessment data and water resource management approaches to assist in focusing DOW mitigation programs to better protect Mohawk River water quality. Applied water research should fit within the management goals set forth in the Mohawk River Basin Action Agenda and be aligned with the Mohawk River Basin Program's "Research Initiative". Publish findings on data analysis and interpretation of environmental data in peer reviewed scientific journals.
  • (20% of time) Assist in the development of water quality research products and synthesis of technical information to include in department reports, white papers and spoken communications, participate in the presentation of research results at scientific meetings and publication of technical results in appropriate venues.
  • (10% of time) Assist in the development of projects which improve water quality such as best management practices, TMDLs, and watershed plans to reduce nutrient, sediment, and other contaminant loadings to the Mohawk River watershed in accordance with the Mohawk River Basin Action Agenda. Evaluate ways to expand research program opportunities to better understand how management practices can reduce nutrients and sediments, researching opportunities not currently being fully utilized. Work with other Division of Water programs to improve water quality in the watershed.
  • (10% of time) Facilitate coordination efforts and opportunities for collaborative water quality research partnerships to implement projects that improve our understanding of water quality in the Mohawk River watershed.
  • (10% of time) Work with other members of the Mohawk River Basin Program, assist in implementing the targeted actions set forth in the Mohawk River Basin Action Agenda.
  • (5% of time) Assist in facilitating the coordination of all partners and stakeholders in the Mohawk River watershed working on water quality related research projects and applied water quality research programs. In addition, provide limited technical support and maintain effective working relationships with non-Departmental experts and the public.
Minimum Qualifications

Strictly adhered to based on
Civil Service requirements
Qualifications include a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Science, Natural Sciences, Ecology, Hydrology, Geography or related field and two years of professional research in these fields, a Master's Degree in Environmental Science, Natural Sciences, Ecology, Hydrology, Geography or related field and one year of professional research, or a doctorate in Environmental Science, Natural Sciences, Ecology, Hydrology, Geography or related field.
Additional Comments Must have a valid driver's license or demonstrate the ability to meet the transportation needs of the position. Must be able to negotiate difficult terrain, work in remote areas and in adverse weather conditions. Travel and overnight travel may be required. Must be able to lift and move objects up to 35 pounds. Preferred Additional Qualifications
  • Competence in analysis of environmental data sets, specifically those dealing with surface water quality parameters including aquatic life, bacteria, general chemistry, and/or emerging contaminants
  • Familiarity/proficiency with the statistical computing languages (e.g. R, Python etc...) or other software
  • Strong data analytical skills
  • Familiarity working in ArcGIS and understanding landscape drivers of water quality
  • Familiarity with water resource/water quality improvement strategies such as Total Maximum Daily Loads, Watershed Plans, best management practices and multi-agency/partner restoration efforts
  • Ability to publish research in scientific journals
  • Competence developing collaborative relationships with diverse stakeholders
  • Ability to concisely disseminate technical information (presentations; correspondence)
  • Experience public speaking
  • Experience negotiating with diverse groups to achieve common goals
  • Excellent interpersonal and oral communication skills
To Apply Qualified candidates should forward a resume and/or Employment Application which clearly indicates how the minimum qualifications are met and includes the Control Number. If you are applying for more than one posting, you must submit a separate resume or Employment Application for each control number. Send to:

Department of Environmental Conservation
625 Broadway
Albany, New York 12233-5060

Fax: (518) 402-9038


Additional Notes:

If you are on an eligible list for this title, please state that information and your score in a cover letter.

State Employees: If you wish to receive an acknowledgement that your application for this posting was received by the Bureau of Personnel and then receive information on the disposition of the position, please attach two self-addressed stamped envelopes (preferably inter-office or inter-agency) to the application. If you are applying for more than one position, you must included two envelopes for each position.

Some vacancies may be anticipated and may not result in an appointment. Application for any position listed may not result in an interview.