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Division of Mineral Resources Statewide Staffing

The Division of Mineral Resources has field staff in all regions except Region 2 (New York City.) Mined Land Staff handles mining operations in the each of the remaining eight regions. Each Region has a Supervising Mined Land Reclamation Specialist. Depending on the extent of mining activity in the Region additional staff are assigned to a region.

Oil and Gas staff are headquartered out of the Region 9 Regional Suboffice (Allegany), the Region 8 Office in Avon, NY and the Central Office in Albany, NY. Allegany staff handle oil, gas and other regulated well activities in Region 9. Avon staff handles well permitting and operations in Regions 6, 7, and 8 (central portion of New York.) The Albany Office handles the remainder of the state for wells regulated under the Oil, Gas and Solution Mining Law. Other well types include underground gas storage, brine disposal, and geothermal wells deeper than 500 feet.

Permit applications should be directed to the appropriate office. Both Mined Land Financial Security and Oil and Gas Financial Security are handled out of the Central Office.

Regional Mined Land Supervisors

Regional Mined Land Supervisors
Region Staff Telephone Fax
Region 1 Robert Yager (631) 444-0274 (631)444-0272
Region 3 Halina Duda (845)256-3128 (845)255-4659
Region 4 Patricia Evans (518)357-2172 (518)357-2460
Region 5 Joseph Barbeito (518)897-1305 (518)897-1370
Region 6 Jerome Zaykoski (315)785-2269 (315)785-2242
Region 7 Lucas Mahoney (315)426-7484 (315)426-7489
Region 8 Steven Army (585)226-5372 (585)226-9034
Region 9 Michael Meyers (716)372-0645 (716)372-2113

Oil and Gas Regional Minerals Managers

Regional Minerals Managers
Region Staff Telephone Fax
1 - 5
Thomas Noll (Albany) (518)402-8056 (518)402-8060
6 - 8
Linda Collart (Avon) (585)226-5376 (585)226-9034
Region 9 Christopher Miller (Allegany) (716)372-0645 (716)372-2113