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Seasonal Road Access in Region 3

For State Forests in Ulster and Sullivan Counties

Seasonal Road Closures and Openings in State Forests in DEC Region 3

Road or Trail Status Town/ County State Forest Comments
Jockey Hill Closed Kingston/Ulster Bluestone Wild Forest The gate was opened for the first two weeks of big game season as per the Bluestone Wild Forest UMP (page 26). This gate was returned to the normal "closed" position at sunset, November 30, 2014. A public parking area is located next to the gate to accommodate public use of the area when the gate is closed.
Onteora Lake/ Rte. 28 Access Open Ulster/Ulster Bluestone Wild Forest This gate is left open year 'round except during periods of snow and ice coverage on the access road. This gate was closed to prevent visitors from getting stuck in the interior parking area at the bottom of the hill. This gate will be reopened in the spring or if/when access road is no longer under extended ice or snow conditions. A large public parking area is located between State Route 28 and the access road gate and is designed to accommodate winter use.
Alder Lake Access Rd.,
Lower Gate
Open Hardeburgh/Ulster Balsam Lake Mt. Wild Forest The access road is steep and becomes hazardous to motor vehicle use when snow and ice covered. This gate is closed once snow/ice conditions prevail for public safety. Winter visitor use to this area is minimal and can be accommodated with existing pull off area near the lower gate.
Long Pond Snowmobile Access Gate Closed Neversink/Sullivan Willowemoc Wild Forest The Long Pond snowmobile trail access gate located off of Basily Road opens once the trails are snow/ice covered. This gate will close either in spring or if/when the trails are no longer snow/ice covered.
Upper Cherrytown Rd. and
Trails End Snowmobile Trail Access Gates
Closed Rochester/Ulster Sundown Wild Forest Both gates open once the snowmobile trails are snow/ice covered to accommodate winter use of trails. Gates will be returned to normal "closed" position in spring or if/when trails are no longer snow/ice covered.